Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Thanks a lot, Mike Leake

The Reds pitcher stifled the Giants 5-1 last Friday and gave away the game tonight at Chavez Latrine in the first by allowing the first 4 guys to get on for a 3-run first. I thought about titling this post "I left my arm in San Francisco" but he was actually pretty decent after that, holding the Dodgers scoreless for the next 6 innings on two hits.

Unfortunately, the Reds were awful at the plate tonight -- they only got three hits -- so the Dodgers are back in first place in the NL West after the Giants took it over for a week. According to's Ken Gurnick, they're probably going to have Dee Gordon go on the DL, as he dislocated his thumb going into 3rd base headfirst. What a dodger dingbat.

Given that the Dodgers batted Bobby Abreu in third and James "Phoney" Loney in cleanup, this one seemed to be the Reds for the taking. But the Giants have played crappy since Bumgarner's one-hit shutout last Thursday. They've lost 5-1, 2-1, then lucked out to win 4-3 and then lost 9-3 and 9-4. Play like that and you won't be in first place for long. 

By the way, Chris Haft has finally corrected his game story on so that he's no longer asserting that  Pablo Sandoval hit his first homer today since coming of the DL. 


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