Sunday, July 22, 2012

Staying in first with a change at first

With the Dodgers now only a game and a half out of first, the Giants have little margin for error. 

Brandon Belt had a terrible road trip and has stopped hitting. It's gotten so bad that Bruce Bochy is considering bringing Sandoval over from third and starting Joaquin Arias, according to Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Had Aubrey Huff been ready to go, Schulman says, Belt might have been sent to Fresno. Except for Huff's 2010, first base has been a big problem for the Orange and Black. Many of us thought Belt was the answer .... 

It strikes me that Sabean signed some extremely bad contracts in the wake of the 2010 World Series vic -- Huff for two years at $22 million; Freddy Sanchez for two years at $12 mil; Miguel Tejada for a year at $6.5 million.


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