Sunday, July 08, 2012

Short rope for Tim

Well, this demolished the memory of 7 innings of shutout ball on June 27. It was pretty awful -- the second straight start where Tim Lincecum could not get out of the 4th inning. It's somewhat amazing that the Giants have still managed to stay in contention. I keep wondering if this means it's time to try some time in Fresno and give Brad Penny a try as a starter. Here's what Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle just tweeted --

Lincecum ends first half with a 6.42 ERA, worst of all qualifying starters. This can't go on in second half. Rope must get extremely short.

Here's another --  Lincecum on the road this year: 47 innings, 47 earned runs.

Update -- with the score 10-2 in the 7th, Andrew Baggarly is conceding --

Lincecum is doomed to become Giants' first 10-game loser at the break since Barry Zito (4-12, 5.62 ERA) in 2008.

Here's Schulman again with the final at 13-2

Good news for Giants. Run differential is not a playoff tiebreaker. .


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