Friday, July 27, 2012

Scutaro in the Orange and Black

Just as Justin Christian logged a feeble pinch hit out in the 7th, I saw that the Giants have traded Charlie Culberson to the Rox for Marco Scutaro. I hope this means that the Giants will stop giving at bats to Christian and to Manny Burriss-- who just aren't MLB caliber.  

Scutaro is 36 and was having a respectable season in Denver and was a pretty solid player for the previous four years with successive WARs of 4.1 and 5.2 in Toronto, followed by 2.6 and 2.4 in Boston. He can play anywhere but has logged most of his starts at short and second.

The 2009 season is particularly impressive -- he was the third most valuable player on the team after Doc Halladay (6.6 WAR) and Aaron Hill (5.6). He scored 100 runs with 12 HRs and 60 RBIs.  

The trade was announced with Ryan Theriot having gone 0-for-5 and Brandon Crawford going 0-for-2 with two walks. Hanley Ramirez just hit a disgusting 2-run two-out homer in the 10th after umpire Ed Hickox blew a call 3-2 pitch on the black to Andre Ethier. Joaquin Arias went 1-for-5 and just flew out weakly with 2 on in the 10th to end it.

The game should not have even been in extras but the front office's utter inability to get decent bats has doomed this team to occasionally losing a game like this.Burriss has gotten 144 at bats so far this year -- about 144 too many. 

Arias is a fine fielder but has already gotten 214 plate appearances while racking up a 0.2 WAR. He doesn't hit enough to merit that kind of playing time. Theriot has a 0.3 WAR and should be a backup, not a starter.  

But the worst is Burriss and perhaps this finally means that the Burriss Experiment is over at long last. He has racked up 795 plate appearances in 5 seasons and assembled a -2.3 WAR, including a -1.0 this year. Why he's still on the roster is beyond me.

From the official team site -- here's some verbiage -- 

  Besides being defensively versatile, Scutaro bats right-handed, a commodity the Giants coveted. He hit .271 with four home runs and 30 RBIs in 94 games this season with the Rockies, who obtained him from Boston in a January trade. Scutaro has built a .270 career batting average with 72 homers and 434 RBIs while playing for the Mets (2002-03), A's (2004-07) and Blue Jays (2008-09), besides the Red Sox and Rockies.


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