Sunday, July 01, 2012

"Just completely whiffs it"

That's the description on the MLB Network on Jay Bruce, who's been tormenting the Giants since Friday. He just gagged away the game today by misjudging Angel Pagan's long high flyball to right in the bottom of the 9th -- a total gift game to the Giants. A total luck out win for the Gmen. I'm LOVING it. Every now and then, the baseball gods smile upon you. Today was that day for the Orange and Black. 

The MLB Network announcers are blasting the Reds for their failure to score more than once in the 9th when they got 4 consecutive singles to tie and only scored once, as the 3rd base coach was extremely conservative on the 3rd and 4th singles.

Here's a fine tweet -- 
Well that was....weird. Hey, Bruce. That strip of dirt that runs along the outfield is called a "warning track" for a reason.


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