Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hector Sanchez = Bengie Molina?

It's too early to tell but what made me post is that Hector Sanchez has one walk all season so the comparison seems apt. He has 31 hits in 118 ABs, including eight extra base hits and has knocked in 22 runs. But one walk -- jeez, Barry Zito has 4 walks. Still, he's only 22 and apparently can hit MLB pitching a lot better than Eli Whiteside. 

Even Bengie had a career walk rate with 208 BBs in over 5,100 plate appearances. His lack of plate discipline was memorable. I can still see him popping up on pitches in the dirt. He did hit a fair amount of HRs in his first 3 seasons in the Orange and Black -- 20, 16 and 19 -- and drove in 95 runs in his first season in 2007. Baseball Reference gives him a WAR (wins above replacement) of 1.7 in 2008, the second best season in a career with a total 8.3 WAR.

Bengie didn't strike out much -- just 478 times. Hector appears to have a much higher strikeout rate with 29 so far.

Oddly enough, Hector managed to get three walks in 34 at bats last season.  

Andrew Baggarly just tweeted something that may explain a lot about Hector ....

What does Bochy hate more than ball 4 from his pitchers? When one of his hitters takes a called 3rd strike fastball down the middle.


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