Sunday, July 01, 2012

George Kontos -- why?

I know that I whine a lot about the marginal players on the roster but for heaven's sake -- why is George Kontos pitching for the Giants, particulalry in a tight tight tight game, when every single run is huge? Why is this guy even on the roster when Heath Hembree continues to blow them away in Fresno? What are the Giants trying to prove here?

When you lose 2-1, the decision to use a marginal guy in the 7th looms large. It did open the door for Brad Penny to return to the Orange and Black. He looked terrific from Section 317.

The game had many more positives -- another decent outing from Zito, nice fielding throughout and Brandon Belt absolutely crushing a pinch hit triple in the 9th. So this was an eminently winnable game. I'm expecting that the Gmen should come back today


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