Saturday, June 30, 2012

April 16 all over again

A strange sense of deja vu for me tonight in Section 121 -- the game being virtually over before it got started. Matt Cain gave up a homerun on the first pitch of the game and was down 3-0 before he even got the second out. The Giants would not score until Pablo Sandoval clobbered a homer in the 9th.

I was also there on April 16 when the Phils got 4 in the first on Tim Lincecum on their way to a 5-2 vic.

It's the one advantage visiting teams have -- they can essentially win the game before the home team even comes to bat.

By the way, after the April 16 game, I saw the Giants win the next two and then I saw them win the last four by shutout. So my record is pretty respectable this year.


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