Thursday, May 31, 2012

A more tasty sweep of the Dodgers

I've been wrong before. I'm the second to admit it. I hadn't realized last night that the Dodgers had another game with the Brewers tonight, which they also lost -- lost as utterly as a game can be lost, 6-2. With Matt Kemp out for a month, it looks like the Dodgers may be pretenders rather than contenders.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A very tasty Brewers sweep of the Dodgers

There's nothing like a Dodger loss to ease the pain of a Giants loss. 

Hey, Dodger fans -- your team just got swept by the Brewers. They hammered your ace pitcher (Kerhsaw)  and your best player (Kemp) just re-injured his hamstring after spending 15 days on the DL. How did that taste?

I'm watching Kemp on the TV jumping around and acting like a crybaby about his injury. Cry me a river, Matt

The good news from a Lincecum loss

He lost his sixth game tonight but he also had a so-called quality start with one earned run in seven innings -- a homer from Paul Goldschmidt, who has hit 4 of his 12 homers off Tim. Steve Edlefsen, who probably should not be pitching in the bigs, gave up two runs in the 8th to make sure the Giants had no chance to come back

But at least there was no meltdown inning tonight for Tim. The Giants have 111 games left, so if Tim has gotten his act together at long last, there's some hope.

I just heard the over-rated Vin Sculley mis-state the situation by saying that Lincecum's loss tonight showed why his performance is a "major concern" for the Giants. No wonder Dodger fans are so misinformed. Had Vin given a proper analyis, he would have said that the Giants offense turned pathetic tonight with one run on six hits -- five singles and a triple by Gregor Blanco.

Barry offers to help

John Shea of the SF Chronicle had the scoop on Memorial Day -- Barry Bonds says he'd like to help the Giants do better. I can't imagine a better idea. Here's a guy who was utterly dedicated to excellence on the baseball field and winning.  

Lefty Malo has a fine post about Barry -- here's a large portion of it --  

 Bonds made the rounds at Mays Field yesterday, as you've probably heard, to press his case for... well, it wasn't exactly clear. He's due on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time, so it's probably no coincidence he's out pressing the flesh with those who might vote for him. He also made noise about rejoining the Giants in some instructional capacity, which is a great idea if he has a repeatable knack for translating his talent into lessons -- no guarantee, that -- and if he doesn't become a distraction to the people he's trying to instruct. I suppose there are ways to avoid TMZ-style gawking or media scrums every time Bonds shows up at the Scottsdale minor-league complex, or at San Jose Muni for pre-game BP with the Little Giants, or wherever his wisdom is best put to use.

The rest of this post is for those of you reading -- if any -- who don't feel Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame. It's an old argument that I've posited on this blog in various forms; forgive me if it feels stale, but I've held this conviction for quite some time. It's quite simple, really, and it can be summed up in a few sentences:

Everyone in baseball used to have access to performance enhancing drugs called amphetamines. "Greenies" were available in every clubhouse for decades, and there's no way to know how many extra hits, home runs, strikeouts, or games played were collected by current Hall of Famers who needed a little extra boost on an endless August road trip, on a 100-degree day in Atlanta or St. Louis, or in the last few achy years of a long career. A lot of hallowed records should probably have asterisks, if you're into that sort of thing.

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Mark McGwire did nothing that many of their predecessors didn't do, but their actions were magnified by a different era of media scrutiny and Congressional self-righteousness. You might find these men narcissistic, mean-spirited, childish, or aloof. (Many of Bonds' teammates and most of the media would check "all of the above.") Those personality traits certainly haven't helped them in the court of public opinion, but they are not crimes, nor are they disqualifiers for the Hall of Fame.

Doing illegal things could legitimately be grounds for a big Hall of Fame DQ, but in these men's cases, their performance-enhancing crimes would simply put them on par with some of  legends whose uniform numbers we've reverently retired and whose plaques we've enshrined.

Which gets back to my first thought about Barry Bonds in this post. Hall of Fame stuff aside, a Barry Bonds who's not helping the Giants win baseball games is a bit of an afterthought for me. But if he helps the Giants win baseball games by showing others how to hit home runs,  steal bases, lay off close pitches, and make quick, accurate throws from the outfield, well, that's performance enhancement I can get behind. 

The unending Dodger sleaze

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Melky matching Mays

Monday, May 28, 2012

I forgive you, Cody Ramson ... a little bit

Well, there I was at Dodger Stadium tonight and the scene was eerily similar to 2004 -- the Dodgers trailing 3-2 but threatening in the 9th and Cody Ransom, of all people, at short. As all good Giants fans know, Cody Ransom choked away any chance at the postseason eight years ago. I couldn't help but be nervous tonight.

That's where fans and MLB players differ. Cody had managed a terrible game to that point -- three strikeouts and GIDP. His Dodgers counterpart Dee Gordon had struck out 3 times and started the 9th by chopping a tough grounder to Cody, which he handled deftly to beat Gordon by a step. Later in the inning, with 2 on, he went into the hole and made a nice throw to second for the second out.

All in all, a first-rate fielding performance. Good for Cody, I guess. I still don't want to ever see him a Giants uni.

Oddly enough, Cody also beat the Dodgers last August when he was with the Dbacks with a homer off Clayton Kershaw.  

One more thing -- the Dodgers are hyping Dee Gordon as an All-Star....really? Uh, doesn't being an All-Star kind of require an ability to HIT MLB PITCHING? 

That 4-run magic

The Giants have given Barry Zito plenty of run support this year and that was more than enough today. Hard to believe, but Zito has already exceeded his win total of last year (3).

More to the point -- this is 8th game the Giants have won this year by scoring 4 runs. The pitching -- even Zito, surprisingly -- is good enough so that 4 runs are usually enough.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Melky's the Man

I bash Brian Sabean pretty hard sometimes but I also realize that we're only two months into the season, but the Jonathan Sanchez trade just looks better and better all the time. It was a gutsy trade, giving up on Sanchez, who always had so much promise.

He had his third four-hit game of the season today including a homerun off Ricky Nolasco. Here's a pretty good tweet --
's 73 hits, the most by a Giants player since at least 1921 through the month of May. , LLC

Here's what Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle just tweeted -- 
Blanco on Melky, "It's a joke." Cain on Melky: "Ridiculous."

As for Sanchez, he's already racked up a -0.4 WAR this year in KC. He had a decent year in 2009 with 1.5 WAR and a pretty fine year in 2010 with a 3.0. 

He's currently on the 15-day DL and got hammered the last time he pitched on May 7. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

NQS = Giants loss

This was a typical Giants loss in that once the Marlins went up 4-1 in the third, there seemed little chance of a Giants vic.

Here's what's going on -- when the Giants starter doesn't make a quality start, that's pretty much the end of the story. Bumgarner gave up a big 3 in the third and there went the game. In other words, if the starter doesn't make a quality start, the Giants won't win. Per Andrew Baggarly's report on CSN Bay Area, the damage was partly due to a crappy Manny Burriss throw. 

Let's face facts -- Burriss shouldn't be playing MLB ball. He can't hit and isn't anything special in the field.

I'm not quite sure what the Giants front office sees in this guy, who's been allowed to make 761 plate appearances over 5 seasons and has compiled a cumulative Wins Above Replacement value of -2.3. He's 27 and he's not going to get any better 

With the need for offensive and defensive support at a premium, it bothers me that this guy is still getting ABs. Bottom line -- There's no margin for error, and that's exactly what Burriss did. After getting a run on his rare double, he immediately made an error to give two back. Surely, there has to be some prospect somewhere or someone who's been DFA'd who can do better than this shabby performance.

Baggarly just tweeted this --  Thanks to a joint effort with , we found out Emmanuel Burriss actually tied Brett Butler's SF-era record of 149 ABs w/o an XBH.

I coud never fully understand why the front office wanted to get rid of Mike Fontenot, who's obviously a better player than Burriss. He's gone 7 for 15 since making it back to the bigs earlier this month, this time in a Phils uni.

Why is Burriss on the roster?

I was just starting to post a screed as to why the Giants insist on keeping this guy active, when he's only marginally useful and has shown little aptitude for handling MLB pitching. Then he doubled. Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle just tweeted this --

Burriss' first extra-base hit since June 28, 2011. His second since the start of 2010.

Here's what Andrew Baggarly tweeted -- Emmanuel Burriss's XBH was his 1st in 145 at-bats. He was 4 at-bats short of matching longest streak in SF-era history (Brett Butler, 1990).

Again -- why is this guy playing?

UPDATE -- as soon as I posted this, Gregor Blanco singled him home. Maybe I should do negative posts during the game more often

That guy's got to be here somewhere

He was almost back last night in Miami until falling apart by serving up a hanging cure to Logan Morrison in the 6th. Here's hoping that Bochy starts giving Tim a quicker hook

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"I just try to hit the catcher's glove"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

He's back and he's lousy

Barry Zito reverted today to being the epitome of the overpaid underperfoming undependable headcase that we Giants have come to despise for the last six seasons.

In other news, Rupert Murdoch and Newt Gingrich remain worthless dingbats

The Brewers scored six in the first. Grant at McCovey Chrosnicles put it this way -- 

He was lousy with missed location, and the defense didn't catch the ball behind him. As a combination of bad ideas, that's pouring some ammonia on the spots the bleach couldn't clean. The Giants were down 6-0 before the second inning, and that's the kind of game you win once every five or ten years.
Here's the ugly truth about Zito that was tweeted earlier --Zito goes 3IP with 5H, 8R, 4ER, 4BB and 4Ks on 83 pitches. trail 8-3 in the 4th

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First MLB homer for Arias

Joaquin Arias hit a 2-run HR tonight as did Buster Posey. Always special to get that first one!

An out of character win as the Gmen score six in Brewtown. Matt Cain got the vic, though he got hit pretty hard.

Henry Schulman's game story for the SF Chron notes that it took 331 MLB at bats to get that first homer

That magic 4th run

It took 14 innings to get it tonight. A team that doesn't get the homerun very often scored all its runs on the long ball -- Posey's 3-run bomb in the 1st, nothing for 12 innings and a Hector Sanchez homer in the 14th

As usual, the pen was stellar, per Andrew Baggarly's recap on CSN Bay Area -- Bochy had a tough choice to stick with Bumgarner over Romo, and it didn’t pan out.  Romo entered after Braun’s home run and walked Aramis Ramirez before escaping the eighth. He and Jeremy Affeldt teamed up to pitch a scoreless ninth, then Affeldt dazzled in the 10th.

Clay Hensley maintained the stalemate by cutting down the lead runner on a bunt attempt while pitching a scoreless 11th inning. He and Javier Lopez combined to navigate the 12th. Santiago Casilla retired six of seven hitters to “save” his own victory.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Going, going, gone?

What the hell has happened to that Tim Lincecum guy we used to adore?

For five seasons, he was money in the bank. Maybe having to stick around Barry Zito has rubbed off, except that Zito has managed to stop embarrassing himself.

Wby would I bring up Zito, other than to mention the inability to live up to an insane contract? Tim's contract of two years for $40 million seems very reasonable, given the stellar level of performance since 2007. But that guy has vanished. Instead, here we have this guy who looks great for awhile and then gets hammered.

Julian Levine at Giants Nirvana has a solid post that notes Tim has ONE quality start this year in 9 starts, The situation is a "very serious concern." I concur

Brad back in the Orange and Black

Saturday, May 19, 2012

4-run magic

Barry Zito, 3-1

Friday, May 18, 2012

If you don't like it, then get out of here

The crybaby owners of the Oakland A's have just been told by Bud Selig that he's not really that interested in bailing them out by paving the way to San Jose.

Normally, I find Seligula to be a total jerk but I'm in his corner on this issue. The Giants were smart enough to secure territorial rights to San Jose, so if Mr. Wolff thinks it's such a groovy idea, all he has to do is open his checkbook. Instead, he wants Bud and taxpayers to bail him out.

Bud suggested that he can move the A's elsewhere, which is just fine with me. The City of Oakland built a stadium in 1967 or so that had one advantage over The Stick -- it was next to BART. Other than that, it was fairly similar -- a lot of concrete, a lot of cold. Wolff has not done anything to improve the fan experience other than putting a decent team out there, thanks to Billy Beane. That used to be enough but it doesn't cut it when people have so many entertainment options.

I'm not saying that the A's are evil like the Dodgers. They're just vaguely embarrassing because the owner is a spoiled brat. Hey Mr. Wolff -- if you don't like it, then sell the team. Just stop whining, please. No one forced you to buy an MLB franchise.

The SF Chron recaps

Thursday, May 17, 2012

63-41 is what it's going to take


Ha! That's what the Giants -- now 19-19 -- are going to need to do to get to 92-70 this year. Playing Brandon Belt more often will help. Belt had two doubles today, driving in the tie run and scoring the go-ahead run.

"He needed to be Sandy Koufax"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Tim takes the blame

A thoroughly depressing 5-4 loss has Tim Lincecum taking the blame, according to this report from CSN Bay Area's Andrew Baggarly

He's clearly smart enough to recognize that if this team can manage 4 runs, that ought to do the job

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First 3-2 vic of 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Melkman delivers big time

 So how is that Jonathan Sanchez trade looking? Not bad. Melky Cabrera was close to an All-Star last year with a 4.1 WAR. Now, he is on a roll, getting four hits today to lead the way in a 7-3 buttkick of the Dbacks

He's on a pace right now for something like 233 hits. Here's what Andrew Baggarly of CSNBay Area tweeted -- Melky has the first four-hit game by a Giant since Sandoval last September. Melky is averaging .468 in his 11-game hit streak.

Culberson in the Orange and Black

According to tweets from Andrew Baggarly and Henry Schulman, the Giants have pulled the plug on the Conor Gillaspie experiment and decided to bring up Charlie Culberson to play second base.

Conor was batting 3 for 20 in his third cup of coffee with the Gmen. 

Meanwhile, it's going to be Charlie's debut in the MLB, 5 years after he was a 1st round pick. He's 23 and has hit 5 HRs in 151 ABs at Fresno so far this season.He's going to be hitting 7th.

They also DFAd Travis Blackley and activated Jeremy Affeldt

UPDATE -- culberson is wearing the number 33, which was Aaron Rowand's. The Giants are still paying him something like $12 million this year

My my Melky

This is some real hitting, particularly with Pablo Sandoval out of the lineup -- Melky Cabrera has hit safely in season-high 10-straight games at a .429 clip (18-for-42) with 2 2Bs, 3 3Bs, HR and 5 RBI.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"An old school type of effort"

 The Dbacks had beaten the Gmen 9 straight. It was the worst streak since 1996 against the Padres, of all people.

"You're a position player when you're on the bases" Cain said later. 

 Here's one tweet from Henry Schulman of the SF Chron --

Here's one for ya: Cain is only the 12th batter in 33 games this year to have 2 hits and 2 RBIs in the same game.

Josh Hamilton = Barry Bonds?

He hit two more homers tonight and now has 17 for the year after just 33 games.

That projects out to something like 85 HRs over the season. There have been only eight seasons where players have gotten 60 or more --

Huff back in the Orange and Black

Friday, May 11, 2012

Forty years ago today

Thanks to Mota -- Loux in the Orange and Black

Worrying about Tim

It's unsettling for Giants fans that Tim Lincecum's performance has been so uneven this year so it's something of a relief that there seems to be an element of bad luck in it, particularly on Batting Average for Balls in Play (BABIP) according to Rob Neyer at SB Nation. Here's part of what he's reporting --

Lincecum's walked 19 guys this season, which makes for a walk rate of 4.7 per nine innings. Coming into this season, his career rate was 3.3 per nine innings. The difference between 4.7 and 3.3 over 36⅔ innings (Lincecum's total this season) is exactly five walks. Should we draw any grand conclusions from five extra walks over the course of seven starts?*
* Fact: That was a rhetorical question.
The other thing is Lincecum's BABiP, which is .359 this season. As you know, major-league pitchers, whether good or bad, tend to hover in the .290-.300 range. Lincecum entered the season with a career .298 BABiP. Even if his stuff isn't what it once was, there's simply no reason to believe he'll keep giving up a BABiP well north of .300. Last season, Ricky Nolasco led all qualifying major leaguers with a .331 mark. Only five guys were above .320, and they weren't bums: Nolasco, Edwin Jackson, Derek Lowe, Ryan Dempster, Madison Bumgarner.
It's quite possible and perhaps quite likely that Tim Lincecum circa 2008-2009 is gone forever. Those two Cy Young Awards are probably the only two that Lincecum will ever win. But it's too soon to say he'll not pitch in 2012 roughly as well as he pitched in 2011. And he was pretty well in 2011.

Bye bye Beltran

As good as the Giants front office is at evaluation of pitchers, it's awful when it comes to projecting hitters. It's baffling why Brian Sabean could not sign Carlos Beltran during the offseason -- especially when the Cards signed him for $26 mil for two years.

John Perricone at Only Baseball Matters has his usual astute take on Sabean's failure

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kershaw loses for a change

Eat it, Clayton. Eat it raw. 

The current Cy Young winner beat the Giants' Tim Lincecum four times last year despite outstanding pitching by Tim. Well, tonight, was payback.

The Giants won on a two-run HR by Brett Pill and fine pitching by Ryan Vogelsong. Henry Schulman of the SF Chron  notes that  Juan Uribe figured prominently --

 In the seventh, Buster Posey and Joaquin Arias, in his first start at third base, turned two on a bad Juan Uribe bunt. In the eighth, with the bases loaded after Bochy had Vogelsong walk Matt Kemp intentionally, Lopez got Andre Ethier to hit into the 6-4-3, with Brandon Belt scooping Ryan Theriot's throw to preserve the lead.

He also grounded out to end the game. Uribe hasn't exactly lit up the world since he decided to take the Dodgers' insane $21 million deal. 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fire Hensley Meulens?

Sorry to be so snarky but I'm convinced that this guy is no damn good. Here we have situation where the offense stunk last year -- STUNK! -- and is becoming lousy this season because guys are impatient. He's going to be dining off the 2010 World Series title (after Huff and Torres had career years before reverting to crappiness)  for several more years.

Here's what Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area just tweeted --

Giants offense: No homers in six games. 3rd fewest walks in majors... and 3.66 pitches per plate appearance ranks last in baseball.

Dodgers still evil

This is a new team ownership that has lied about how Frank McCourt is still involved in the financial ownership of the Dodger assets. That's pretty evil. Yes, Dodger fans, St. Magic Johnson is a liar, according to Gene Maddaus of the LA Weekly --

  Johnson, the front man for the team's new ownership group, said that ex-owner Frank McCourt was "not involved in any shape or fashion" with the team. He also said McCourt would not get any of the parking revenues.

"He doesn't get a dime from the parking," Johnson said.

False. In fact, as the Times' Bill Shaikin reported Friday night, the Dodgers will pay $14 million a year to a company half-owned by McCourt for the privilege of parking cars at the stadium.

Magic Johnson simply lied about that, as he continues to obfuscate about his partnership with the most hated man in Los Angeles.

Asked on Saturday to explain Johnson's comment, in light of the $14 million parking lot lease, Dodger spokesman Joe Jareck said, "It's got nothing to do with parking. It's a lease deal for the land."

You got that? The Dodgers are leasing the parking lots from Frank McCourt, in order to park cars there, but it's got nothing to do with parking. That's what you have to believe in order to claim that Johnson was telling the truth.

Don't let the reduction in parking at Chavez Latrine from $15 to $10 fool you. The Dodgers remain evil -- dishing out the worst loss of the year for the Gmen. The only positive thing that SF Chronicle beat writer Henry Schulman said in his game story was that Barry Zito had returned to adequacy...


Lilly improved to 4-0 with six innings of one-run ball to outduel Barry Zito in a game that was 3-1 L.A. until it degenerated. The Giants played one of the most hideous defensive games of the year - and that's saying something.
They committed three errors, by Conor Gillaspie, Buster Posey and Steve Edlefsen, and botched two bunt plays in a five-run eighth inning.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Paging Heath Hembree

Guillermo Mota has paved the way for Hembree to make it to the Show, thanks to a 100-game suspension today for using a performance enhancing drug.

That's not what the perfunctory story says on the Giants web site. No, that's what I say. Let's find out if Heath is ready.

He's already racked up eight saves in Fresno.  

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Four runs is enough

The Giants have just won their third extra inning game by scoring a 4th run in the 11th. As much as I fret about the offense, the Orange and Black do seem to be putting a few more runs up than last year.

In fact, they were 20th of the 30 teams so far this year after yesterday's vic with 104 runs in 27 games or almost exactly 4 runs per game.They were near the bottom at 29th last year. So they're not horrible any longer, just frustrating.

"An invented legal theory"

That's what attorneys for Barry Bonds are calling the basis for the conviction. Essentially, they're arguing that the dingbat prosecutors were so eager to get Bonds that they came up with a theory that giving a "rambling" answer in grand jury testimony is illegal.  --  Here's part of the report by Howard Mintz of the San Jose Merc-News --

Although the jury did not convict Bonds on three perjury charges, the panel did find the former San Francisco Giants slugger impeded justice by providing a rambling, evasive answer to a question about whether his former personal trainer, Greg Anderson, had ever supplied or injected him with steroids.
Among other things, Bonds responded by recounting how he was a "celebrity child with a famous father," which jurors said after trial was designed to evade questions about using performance enhancing drugs....

Bonds was sentenced in December to two years probation and a month of electronic monitoring at his Beverly Hills home.
U.S. District Judge Susan Illston rejected Bonds' bid to set aside the conviction after trial, saying in her ruling that Bonds "repeatedly provided nonresponsive answers to questions about whether Anderson had ever provided him with injectables."
Bonds' lawyers, however, told the 9th Circuit the "celebrity child" answer was "utterly irrelevant" to the BALCO grand jury investigation.
. And they argue in their appeal that obstruction of justice charges are not designed to punish rambling testimony.
"That conduct -- making a truthful albeit rambling and irrelevant statement under oath -- occurs daily in courtrooms across the country," Bonds' attorneys wrote

Happy birthday, Willie Mays

I feel fortunate to have seen Willie play in his prime

Saturday, May 05, 2012

First win in 6 days

Man, what a relief. Madison Bumgarner now has a 5-1 record and he made the key hit today, per Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle -- 

. He not only won his fifth consecutive start, his fifth-inning double against Brewers left-hander Randy Wolf drove in Hector Sanchez to tie the game 1-1 and ignite an offense that pounced for three more in the sixth.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Giants salvaging Marlins season

What a dismal three days! Nothing like facing the Giants to make the hateful Marlins play up to their potential.

Well, there's a 4-game set at the end of this month in Miami for payback. And then that's it for 2012. Thank God.

I'd have to say that the only way I could detest the Marlins more would be if they had Scott Cousins and Aaron Rowand on their stupid roster 

Get well soon, Panda!

Sandoval is out again for a month or so with a broken hamate bone on his left hand. Surgery tomorrow.

He hurt it over the weekend and still managed to mash during Tuesday night's game, including a line drive HR to right field. It's spooky that he had the injury to his right hand and the surgery on it almost exactly a year ago....

In last night's game story, Henry Schulman of the SF Chron recapped what happened last year --   

Last year, he broke a bone (hamate) in his right hand while swinging a bat April 29 and underwent surgery May 3, a year ago Thursday. He missed nearly six weeks and was reinstated June 14.
"He has quite a bit of pain," said Bochy, adding more will be known about the injury Thursday when Sandoval is re-evaluated.
Gregor Blanco said Sandoval left the clubhouse bummed. "He's down. He knows we really need him, and we hope he's back soon," Blanco said.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The bad Zito's back

One of the more depressing games of the year as Sandoval injured his left hand and Zito pitched like we've come to expect over the past five seasons. 

Despite a thrilling comeback in the 9th, the Giants couldn't outscore the despicable Marlins, who seem bent on ruining every season for the Giants. Let me say right now -- I hope psycho dingbat Scott "I'm the Victim Here" Cousins never makes it back to the MLB. Speaking of headcases, the Giants' prime example seems to have re-emerged in the person of Barry Zito.

Jeez, 7 walks tonight and he didn't even get out of the 4th. We all knew that this ascent into adequacy was too good to last. As Lefty Malo says, the Giants were lucky to only be down by two.Here's part of his recap -- 

Barry Zito decided to revert back to Bad Barry in his fifth start, walking seven before Bochy bestowed mercy upon 40,000 suffering patrons and brought the hook in the fourth inning. Somehow the Marlins only scored two runs against him; well, not somehow. The shocking number of walks, yes, but both runs were directly accountable to bad infield defense. I've been just about the biggest Brandon Crawford supporter, but if he can't turn easy double plays -- he bobbled a grounder in the first and the Giants could only get one out instead of an inning-ending two, leading to a run -- he doesn't have much value on this team. I'm a patient man, but nights like tonight try my patience.

The Marlins' second run came on a Joaquin Arias flub; Arias started at second tonight.

So, to recap: Bad hitting. Bad pitching. Bad defense. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in the bleachers got ill from bad cha-cha bowls. It was that kind of night.

A vote for Gregor Blanco

Sandoval -- taking it up a level

Duane Kuiper said on the postgame that he's truly locked in right now -- improving his plate judgment and squaring up on the balls he does hit. Kuip said the line shot HR tonight was particularly impressive, coming on an inside breaking ball. Jon Miller said that the ball got the RF Arcade seats so quickly that the people probably didn't even hear the bat hit ball by the team it landed.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"I don't know of a more confident player"

That was what Mike Krukow, who knows a thing or two about MLB pitching, said about watching Matt Cain deliver his usual excellent start -- 8 innings, 2 earned runs -- and still lose. Kruk said in the KNBR postgame show that he can tell that Cain established his four pitches tonight in the first inning and used them all effectively, save for a hanging slider in the 5th to Giancarlo Stanton.

Grant at McCovey Chronicles says it's the12th time that Cain has lost a game where he gave up two runs or less. 

He now has a career mark of 70-75, which should serve as a real indictment of Brian Sabean's inability to put a team that can hit out on the field.