Monday, February 13, 2012

Opening day lineup for the Orange and Black

Chris Haft of thinks it will look like this. I agree with him -- though I wish Brandon Belt were starting --

1. Pagan LF
2. Sanchez 2B
3. Sandoval 3B
4. Posey C
5. Cabrera CF
6. Huff 1B
7. Schierholtz RF
8. Crawford SS

The projected rotation has three guys who won 13, one who won 12 and one who won 3 for a total of $6 million per. Everyone else is stellar.

Projected rotation
1. Tim Lincecum, 13-14, 2.74 ERA in 2011
2. Matt Cain, 12-11, 2.88 ERA in 2011
3. Madison Bumgarner, 13-13, 3.21 ERA in 2011
4. Ryan Vogelsong, 13-7, 2.71 ERA in 2011
5. Barry Zito, 3-4, 5.87 ERA in 2011

Here's the key three in the pen --
Projected bullpen
Closer: Brian Wilson, 36/41 saves, 3.11 ERA in 2011
RH setup man: Sergio Romo, 1.50 ERA in 2011
LH setup man: Javier Lopez, 2.72 ERA in 2011

At this point, Haft stops guessing who the other nine will be but he thinks that Hector Sanchez, Erik Surkamp and Heath Hembree will make it the SF before the end of the season.

My guess on the other nine -- Belt, Fontenot, Theriot, Stewart and Whiteside on the bench; Affeldt, Hemsley, Mota and Runzler in the pen.

Why three catchers? I guess that Bochy is going to want to rest Posey at every opportunity. I agree with that thinking. I just wish that the backups could hit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having 3 lefties at the bottom of the order might not be such a good thing, eh?

10:07 AM  

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