Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you listening, Barry Zito?

The Giants look like they aren't counting on Barry Zito to be anything but his usual useless self in 2012. According to Andrew Baggarly's tweet, they've signed Eric Hacker, who's pitched a grand total of 8 MLB innings.

They also signed MLB mediocrity Brian Burres to a minor league deal per MLB Trade Rumors. Why would I say something so mean? Burres has pitched six seasons and 350 innings in the MLB for a career Wins Above Replacement of 0.1.

Can Dave Righetti work his magic as he did on Ryan Vogelsong last season and get one of these guys on track? Fingers crossed at this end! Vogelsong had a WAR of 3.5 last year -- only Sandoval (6.1), Lincecum (4.3) and Cain (3.8) were better.

Well, you can never have too pitching, especially when you're giving up a roster spot to Zito -- and you're on the hook for paying Zito another $36 million more dollars for the next two seasons.


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