Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pretty, pretty, pretty good All-Star Game

That's what Larry David might say if he were a Giants fan.

Interesting that the All-Star Game took place a day before Showtime starts airing "The Franchise." Cam Inman of the Mercury has checked it out and says it's pretty good...not like watching "The Godfather" or a walk-off vic, but pretty good.

That's how I feel. I care a lot more about the actual games but...

I don't pay much attention but ... Bochy managed well, Sandoval hit an RBI double and Wilson closed. Sandoval is becoming a doubles machine. As for Wilson, he was in fine form postgame, per John Shea's story for the Chron --

"Great experience," Wilson said. "I'd like to be here the rest of my career. I won't take it for granted."


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