Monday, June 13, 2011

The pen does it again

This Orange and Black bullpen is freaking fantastic and a credit to Dave Righetti and Bruce Boch's coaching. Here you have the Reds, who demolished Tim Lincecum yesterday with some serious offense (Phillips, Bruce, Votto are the real deal) but got held in the other three games in the series to a total of eight runs. Here's the germane verbiage from Andrew Baggarly in his Extra Baggs blog tonight (boldface is mine) --

–Jonathan Sanchez .. what can you say? He’s maddening to watch, but he gives the Giants a chance to win. I’m sure there were times Bruce Bochy and Dave Righetti wanted to strangle him for walking guys in the afternoon shadows, when nobody could see what he was throwing. But it usually seems to work out.

–Jonny Sanchez’s inefficiency would be a bigger issue if he played for a team with a lousy bullpen. That’s not an issue with the Giants. Javier Lopez struck out Jay Bruce and Joey Votto like it was the postseason again. Ramon Ramirez and Sergio Romo did the job one more time, too. The Giants probably aren’t a .500 team if they have a substandard bullpen. Instead, they’ve got the best group in the business. (And it’s better than ever now that Jeremy Affeldt is throwing sickness again.)


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