Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now batting, Hal Lanier

Dick Schofield and Hal Lanier in the 1966 Topps set. Good fielders, lousy hitters. Posted in the 1966 Topps blog, which observes -- In 1965, these two were the Giants' starting Keystone Combo for 81 games. In 1966, they only hooked up 4 times before Schofield was sold to the Yankees in mid-May.

Here's why I'm thinking of Hal Lanier. This is what's up in 2011 -- This team is running out a Triple A lineup some nights, or as Grant at McCovey Chronicles put it --

No sense in getting worked up over this one. The Giants won a series against the second-place team on the road. They did it even though the lineup featured Hal Lanier, Brad Wellman, and Desi Wilson hitting in the middle of the order. It was a good series for the most part. If Ian Kennedy is getting the corner strikes, he's pretty unhittable. And it wasn't Willie Bloomquist who hit the home run. It wasn't a walk-off balk. It was an impressive opposite-field home run from the best player on the Diamondbacks. Would have been a lot cooler if he, you know, didn't hit the home run, but it's not a shameful way to lose. Or, in other words: it's bad to lose a game in which Ryan Vogelsong gets tagged for eight earned, making us question his renaissance. It's not as bad to lose a game after a ninth-inning comeback takes Vogelsong off the hook, especially if the game-winning home run is just a good player doing good-player things.


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