Saturday, June 18, 2011

He's back, sorta kinda

Topps 2007 Rookie card from the Daily Sports Card blog (hard to believe it's just been four years...)

This is one those annoying losses to a no-name Oakland starter that contains a bit of good news: Tim Lincecum bounced back from a couple of lousy starts but the Giants put up just two runs again. Henry Schulman of the SF Chron reports that he looked pretty solid, just not dominating --

He lasted six-plus innings and allowed three runs, two earned, with seven strikeouts. That might not be vintage Lincecum, but it sure beats the 16 earned runs he allowed in 15 1/3 innings over his first three starts this month. That includes a seven-run monstrosity in a 10-2 loss to Cincinnati a week ago.

MY COMMENT -- Scott Cousins is a deranged dingbat who may have messed up Lincecum's year, too. Carl Steward of the Merc-News makes the point much more diplomatically in his notes post.


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