Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Are you listening, Joe?

Bruce Bochy comes down hard on deranged dingbat Scott Cousins and says he's going to give Joe Torre, who was a pretty good catcher, a piece of his mind about changing the rules -- so that psychos like Cousins receive a real punishment, more than the scorn of bloggers like Giants Win. It's yet another area in which Bud "Do Nothing" Selig has abbrogated his responsibility. Here's part of Henry Schulman's post on the Chron site:

Bochy said he cannot understand why football has rules to protect the quarterback and baseball has rules to protect second baseman, but the catcher is fair game.

He would like to see a rule that prohibits a runner from hitting a catcher on the fair side of the third-base line, as Scott Cousins did with Posey. Bochy does not just want the runner to be out, but punished by the league as well.

"I compare it almost to a fair catch in football," Bochy said. "The guy is defenseless."


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