Friday, April 01, 2011

Don't wear Giants gear in LA!

Sorry to be so serious about this but a guy wearing Giants gear was beaten severely at Dodger Stadium yesterday, according to the LA Times.

I never wear Giants gear in when attending Dodger home games. I stopped when a guy got shot in the parking lot during a game about six years ago. Ray Durham was at bat when we heard the shot. Ray actually stepped out of the box.


Anonymous Dan said...

I second that. In fact, don't wear any other team's gear to a game at the Latrine. Dodger fans are the worst fans in baseball: unknowedgeable, ill-informed morons who know nothing about the game except it's a great time to bat around a beach ball when they show up in the third inning and lrave in the seventh.In 2006 I got the crap beaten out of me in a men's room during the playoffs at the Latrine. The Mets were dispatching the Blew crew like a piece of lint. I was pelted with stuff in the stands, too. Dodger fans: Worst. Fans. Ever.

2:32 PM  

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