Sunday, February 06, 2011

"Apologize to Barry Bonds"

Bill Baer, a blogger who runs the Crashburn Alley site, says that's what he'd do if he were commissioner for a day in a post on ESPN's Sweet Spot. Here's part of what he says --

A confluence of factors led to Bonds being made the poster-child for the sport's "steroid era." Chiefly, he was an easy scapegoat for MLB and for the writers since he was not at all a fan favorite outside of San Francisco. Fans' intense hatred of Bonds (fueled by the writers) blinded them from MLB's incompetence.

Bonds has not played since 2007, but still has not officially retired. Prior to the '08 season, Bonds was trying to find a team -- any team -- interested in him; no one bit. His age, injury history and contract demands were cited as deterrents, but he said he would be willing to play for the league minimum and had just come off a season in which he posted a 1.045 OPS in 477 plate appearances at the age of 43.

Jamie Moyer is 48 years old and just had Tommy John surgery. Over the past two seasons, he has posted ERAs of 4.94 and 4.84, yet is eyeing a comeback. You can bet there will be some interested teams waiting for Moyer when he is once again healthy.

Whether MLB and the owners care to admit it or not, they colluded against Bonds to keep him from playing baseball after the '07 season. That, not the rampant steroid use during the 1990s and early 2000s, will be what ultimately leaves a black eye on baseball's history.

(for those of you wondering, the Crashburn Alley site is a Phillies blog and a reference to Richie Ashburn's "Ashburn Alley.") It's now part of Citizens Bank Park.


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