Thursday, January 20, 2011

Suppan in the Orange and Black

One of the ultimate .500 pitchers, Jeff Suppan, has been invited to spring training, according to Chris Haft of -- The 36-year-old owns a 138-143 lifetime record with a 4.69 ERA for six teams

My comment -- If Barry Zito continues to implode, Suppan could be a decent low-cost alternative


Blogger aquaken said...

I'm sure this will endear him to San Francisco fans, if he makes the team:

Suppan gained some notoriety outside of baseball for appearing in a political advertisement alongside other celebrities, Patricia Heaton, Jim Caviezel, Mike Sweeney, and Kurt Warner during the 2006 World Series. The advertisement aired in opposition to Missouri Constitutional Amendment 2, which allows in Missouri any kind of embryonic stem cell research that is legal under federal law.

The advertisement aired shortly after the airing of an earlier advertisement featuring actor Michael J. Fox. The Fox advertisement had supported Amendment 2, as well as the campaign of United States Senate candidate Claire McCaskill.

The timing of both ads during a World Series that featured the St. Louis Cardinals was intended to draw the particular attention of Missouri voters.

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