Monday, December 06, 2010

What the Werth deal really means for the Giants

Grant at McCovey Chronicles believes that the Giants won't make another long-term deal for a long time. I hope he's right:

Now, there are a couple of reasons that the Giants can't really outbid anyone these days.

Barry Zito

#75 / Pitcher / San Francisco Giants





May 13, 1978

Aaron Rowand

#33 / Center Field / San Francisco Giants





Aug 29, 1977

Yes, but if you can think of an easier way to get a fifth starter and a fifth outfielder, I'd like to hear it.

But even after the Zito and Rowand deals end (2034), I don't think the Giants are going to give out a long-term contract to a player outside of the organization for a long, long time. Because while those are the obvious misses, the front office also remembers that at one time or another, the Giants offered about $200M in contracts to Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, Gary Matthews, Jr., and Juan Pierre. And as the Giants were busy getting out of their own way, they won a World Series with a combination of short-term deals and pre-arbitration youngsters.

For the next, oh, decade, you can just ignore the top five or ten names on the list of pending free agents. It's not that the Giants can't afford them, per se, it's just not a practical way of building a team. It never really was, but the Giants are now as allergic to long-term free-agent deals as any team in the game. Good.


Blogger obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

The Giants won't be going outside with long-term big money contracts because they are preparing to do long-term big money contracts with the players they have now.

The bump up in salary this season is just a sign of the commitment Neukom publicly made to the fans that if a good basball reason can be made regarding making a move (and a long term contract with our young players falls into that), he said not to worry about the money, he will try to find it. It doesn't mean he'll do every deal, because we don't have deep pockets like the Yankees, but it does mean that good ideas that in the past would have stayed with Sabean will at least get run by Neukom and he'll make the decision whether the Giants can afford it or not.

In any case, signing all our young players will hog up the payroll for the foreseeable future and will prevent the Giants from going outside for big money free agents. I prefer that way anyway, just like you Big D.

And frankly, I think those deals (Zito, Rowand) were more for the marketing value than baseball decision due to the prior ownership philosophy/worry that fans would abandon the team if they were seen as not doing anything.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment, Martin. It's an intriguing notion that Neukom's approach appears to be significantly different from Peter Magowan's

10:53 AM  

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