Friday, November 05, 2010

"The Misfits of 2010"

Nick Cannata-Bowman has a terrific end of the season post at Croix de Candlestick -- Here's his conclusion about what happened after Game No. 162 --

The small sample-sizes that compose the postseason worked completely in favor of the Giants.
Strange things began to happen. Things like timely defensive meltdowns from the likes of Brooks Conrad and Chase Utley became the norm. The Disney story that practically wrote itself of Bobby Cox’ last managerial season was sent packing after two improbable victories at Turner Field. A Phillies pitching staff with a cool nickname that pundits said couldn’t be beat was proven to be all too mortal. Cliff Lee, one of the historically best postseason pitchers of all time, lost not once, but twice in decisive fashion to a team that wasn’t supposed to be able to hit.
Part of what made this World Series victory so sweet was the bizarre way in which it was won. Almost every step of the way, some strange brand of voodoo always seemed to intervene in the Giants’ favor. Ian Kinsler hit a ball that was centimeters away from being a home run that bounced back into the field of play. The unbeatable Cliff Lee suddenly left pitches up in key spots to hitters who had no business doing what they did. Juan Uribe hit a walk-0ff sacrifice fly to deep left-field on a slider he had no business pulling. The list goes on.
Needless to say, the jubilation of this World Series was not lost on me. The fluky nature of this whole season in the end made it that much more special. The Barry Bonds-led juggernaut offense of 2002 couldn’t do it. Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, and Juan Marichal couldn’t do it either. But Cody Ross and friends saved the day in the end. It’s almost too poetic how the heartbreak of Hall of Famers past is now redeemed by the misfits of 2010. All that futility, all the failure, and all the tears all culminated in what was an improbable climb to victory.


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And a great article in the Washington Post by Dave Sheinin, asking if the Giants are a lesson for the rest of baseball:

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