Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I'll put the winning run on base and you still won't be able to hit me"

It occurs to me that Brian Wilson is the single most under-rated player on the Giants because people get distracted by 1. the hair 2. the stellar starters 3. the park 4. the lack of offense.

When Wilson does his thing at the end of home games, much of the rest of the country is fast asleep. He didn't pitch Thursday and then imploded Friday night, which left the impression of not ready for prime time. But he's been stunningly solid the last two nights in Atlanta. Lefty Malo inspired me to write the above after I read this part of his inspired post -- (boldface is mine)

Brian Wilson did exactly what he wanted to do tonight in the ninth inning. I've heard him say that when he decides not to let a certain hitter beat him, he'll be stubborn about it, even walk him rather than give in. That's what you saw tonight. Ankiel, then Hinske: both have homered this series on pitches middle-in. The only time Wilson came in on either hitter was a fastball above the hands. Go back and check if you Tivo'd it. I'm going by memory, but I think I'm right. Everything else was outside corner. Wilson pounded it, even when falling behind in the count. Better to miss six inches off the corner than down the middle. No way is Ankiel or that jellyroll Hinske, taking me deep. I've never seen such extreme confidence, basically saying I'll put the winning run on base and you still won't be able to hit me. He then abused Omar Infante with cutters/sliders away, breaking off the last one for the strikeout with some serious Robb Nen action. Finally Melky Cabrera, another lefty, decided not to wait for an inside pitch and poked at a high, away fastball. Uribe grabbed it behind third and threw high and wide across the diamond, a throw that seemed to take forever, and only when Travis Ishikawa made a balletic reach, and toe-pivot, and twist, and grab, all with the chunky Melky rumbling down the line toward him, was the game and the series finally over.


Anonymous poker affiliate said...

Wilson has been dominant in the playoffs so far. The Giants haven’t given hitters many opportunities to do any damage. The offense isn’t getting many runs across the plate, but they don’t need to.

8:27 PM  

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