Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giants -- 75% chance of winning the NLCS

David Pinto at Baseball Musings gives credit to the Phillies pen for tonight's vic -- particularly in the 8th when Ryan Madson struck out Posey, Burrell and Ross. Still, he says the Giants should win the NLCS. He also says the play in the third was one of the strangest ever. It continues the array of truly crappy postseason umpiring calls --

Update: That was a strange play. Halladay bunts. The ball stays at the plate, rolls across the plate where Buster Posey picks it up in foul territory but the umpire signals fair. Posey throws to third, but Pablo Sandoval had charged and is just getting back to the bag. He catches the ball in front of the bag and Ibanez beats the throw. Roy Halladay, seeing the ball was foul, didn’t run. Sandoval throws across the diamond for the out. That has to be the strangest sacrifice I’ve ever seen. A bad call, a bad defensive play, and a bad base running play all lead to the result the Phillies originally wanted.


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