Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Five down, six to go

Mighty mighty mighty mighty Matt Cain!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE -- Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury-News says his location was superb --
Cain simply finds a way to keep hitters off-balance and the ball off the fat part. He throws his fastball to spots, not areas. On his best days, he might be wild out of the strike zone – but not within it.

UPDATE -- MC O'Connor at Raising (Matt) Cain notes that Matt got every single first batter in the 7 innings he worked--.

He seemed to be able to make the pitches he wanted to all day long, regardless of the count and situation, and the Phillie hitters never got anything going. Rollins was caught on the Fox broadcast's 'Sounds of the Game' talking to the 1st base coach about the deceptive movement in Cain's fastball, saying that even though it was "right over the plate" he couldn't pick it up. Bobby Valentine (on ESPN) was raving about Cain's change-up, saying he thinks it's a new pitch he developed late in the season. Whatever it was, it was part of a devastating repertoire that kept the hitters off balance. Matt got the first batter of every inning he pitched: Victorino, Howard, Ibanez, Polanco, Ruiz, Polanco, Rollins.


Blogger aquaken said...

You've got to find a way to listen to Mike Krukow's analysis on KNBR morning show (7:40 a.m. most weekdays). He was so insightful, describing how Cain's mastered the art of pitching by truly listening to the greats with whom he's pitched for the Giants -- Krukow called it attending the Harvard University of pitching; and how he totally keeps hitters off-balance with his pitch selection and delivery.

Also, good commentary on the healthy team dynamic in the locker room, and Bochy's ability to keep everyone engaged -- even players who have been dropped from the roster or who've lost their starting role.

His take on the lineup changes? "When I see the lineup card, I say, 'That looks good.' I'm not bummed out."

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