Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In praise of the Orange and Black pen

Hard to believe but the Giants gave up only one hit to the despicable Dodgers and still managed to lose, 1-0. Reza at 8th Inning Weirdness has a good recap --

They lost their 2nd 1-0 game in 4 days. And as easy as it is to talk about the shortcomings of this offense, and to point out that it is foolish to think that going into next year with a similar lineup would make the Giants a playoff team, tonight I don't think is the night to blame the offense. Because Clayton Kershaw is one hell of a pitcher. This wasn't Wade LeBlanc pitching. This was Kershaw, and he's gonna be annoying us for years to come.

He has a GREAT curveball. When he spots it on the outside corner to a right handed hitter, there's nothing that can be done. And tonight that's what he was doing.

In the postgame of the radio broadcast, the Giants announcers focused their picks of the game on the pen. Krukow picked Ramon Ramirez, Miller picked Santiago Casilla and Kuiper picked Steve Kline for giving Brian Wilson advice that's been passed on -- that it's OK to pitch around a dangerous hitter because the rest of the pen can pick you up. Or something like that. Bottom line is that the pen continues to be stellar. Flemming picked Freddie Sanchez, who did get two of the 4 SF hits tonight. Kuiper also predicted Wednesday night's game will be a laugher with Jamey Carroll pitching in the 8th.

Grant at McCovey Chronicles points out that it's the second time this season that the Giants have allowed only one hit and still lost the game. It's only the 48th time it's happened since 1920.


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