Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sometimes I hate being right

I'm not really surprised by tonight's 2-0 loss at Chavez Latrine. I read somewhere in an article on sports gambling that the odds of a team sweeping a series after winning to first two games go way up....because the losing team tends to have a much better chance to win the third (or fourth) game.

The offense finally returned to its pathetic self of the 7-game losing streak -- a walk by Torres, two singles by Sanchez, doubles by Schierholtz and Huff and a single by Posey. You hit like that, you're going to lose.

It was the 8th time this year the Orange and Black's been shut out -- though it's been over a month since it last happened. That was a 3-0 nightmare in Toronto.


Anonymous Firesabeandotcom said...

This showed us that we aren't the elite team that the radio heads and csn are making us out to be.

We will have to fight through everything to barely be successful.. Here's to a heart-wrenching finish

4:18 PM  

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