Monday, July 19, 2010

Orange and Black heading into LA

Yes, it's a three-game set at Chavez Latrine with the dodgers having just gotten swept by the Cards in St. Louis. Hopefully, the Giants will take out their frustration over Phil "Stupid Incompetent" Cuzzi by hammering the rookie pitcher James McDonald.

Fat Broxton fell apart today in St. Louis and ex-Giant Randy Winn played a key Dodger-hating role in a comeback from a 4-0 deficit, according to the LA Times story.Joe Torre said that he asked "too much" of Broxton. Yeah, Joe, like asking you closer not to weigh 300 pounds is asking too much.


Blogger kkkk said...

nervous.. that's how i'm feeling..

and that's only because I'm not sure if Krukow is back yet.

7:04 PM  

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