Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Posey goes yard for the first time

Again, I ask -- what good was it doing to keep this guy in Frenso for the first two months of the season? Here's what the beat writers tweeted --

An estimated 439 feet on Posey's homer, off noted gopherballer Aaron Harang.

LF Johnny Gomes did not bother going to the wall.

UPDATE -- The Giants' pitching fell apart in the middle of the game so the homer may wind up being pretty much the only Orange and Black highlight. Here's what Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury-News just tweeted:

Giants lose 6-3. They won't be able to celebrate Posey's first big league HR. Ya think it's time to move him up from 7th in Giants lineup?

That's a question Baggarley raises in his story and Bochy says he likes Posey in the No. 7 slot. What an idiot (Bochy, not Baggarly).

Pretty obvious that 3 runs aren't going to cut it at Great American Ballpark. Romo and Affeldt stunk up the joint tonight, giving up 3 runs in three innings of relief.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would the Giants move Posey up in the order? He's NOT over 30, on the downside of his career, unable to hit for power and didn't drive in 80 runs six seasons ago. Instead, he hits with runners in scoring position, is (horrors) inexperienced, has a live bat and a bright future (which the Giants will screw up - a one for 20 drought and he's back in the minors). Let's leave Molina in the four spot because after all four years ago he hit 330 with RISP! Posey should be thankful he's even here and not batting 9th.

8:48 PM  

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