Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Orange and Black Hacktastics

I was trying to find which team has the best pinch-hitting record, since I heard a Pirates announcer say Friday that the Giants were the MLB's leading team in that area. Today, Travis Ishikawa singled for Lincecum in the 8th and Pat the Bat delivered a run scoring sac fly in the 9th that was a big run, as Brian Wilson blew his second save of the year. Freddy Sanchez delivered another sac fly to drive in Torres for the game winner in the 10th. doesn't have pinch-hit stats, or if does, I can't find them. What it does have is the number of pitches seen by hitters and the Giants are the lowest in MLB at that right now. The hack-first approach sure seems to be working with the pinch hitters, though.

They are also third lowest in walks at 159, topping only the Astros and Orioles; they are sixth lowest in runs scored at 225--topping only the Indians, Mariners, Astroes, Pirates and Orioles. So the ninth-best batting average doesn't mean very much.


Anonymous Dan said...

ESPN has the stats:

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