Monday, June 28, 2010

Giants give it away to the Evil Empire

That would be the Dodgers. In one of the worst losses of the year, the Orange and Black managed to screw up scoring opportunities all night, according to Henry Schulman's game story for the SF Chronicle -- including an egregious DP that Sandoval ran into.

Fire Sabean makes the case that there was plenty of blame to go around tonight.

Just to complete the depressing outlook for the Orange and Black, John Perricone at Ony Baseball Matters points out that something's wrong with Tim Lincecum. It's not clear what that something is, either -- It could be the way he’s being handled, it could be that he hasn’t seen his Dad in too long, he’s sick, he’s hiding an injury, whatever. He’s lost, going through a month and a half long stretch of full counts, not missing bats, and struggling to get deep into games. Somebody needs to do something.

This was the second 4-2 loss in three days.


Blogger kkkk said...

I hate worrying about Timmy, he's the only one I figured we wouldn't have to think about. But when times are tough like this a lot of blame needs to be passed around.. Just a shame to see Bengie continually put out behind the plate, that's the ONE thing that would make us moderately happy

7:56 PM  

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