Saturday, May 29, 2010

Matt the Master

Matt Cain threw the second one-hitter of his career tonight in a magnificent 5-0 vic over the Dbacks. I was fortunate enough to attend in Section 223 and my old buddy Bob noted that if Willie Mays were still playing, he might have flagged down Mark Reynolds double against the right center field wall and gotten Matt a no-hitter.

Freddy Sanchez continued to play well, flagging down the other two well-hit balls -- both by Kelly Johnson. Nothing else was hit especially hard.

Bengie Molina looked awful, though. He completely missed a pop fly and never made decent contact all night. I wondered out loud if he's lost a microsecond in reaction times. What in the world is Buster Posey still doing in Fresno?

But back to Matt. Mike Krukow said Cain had total command of four pitches tonight and his fastball was nailing the low corners. Here's part of what MC O'Connor posted at the always-insightful Raising (Matt) Cain --

1. He had 9 strikeouts and a walk
2. He obliterated a potent lineup
3. He faced two batters over the minimum


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jealous that I couldn't be there. I was curious about the box score. They have zero walks. Not that it matters much, but do you know which is accurate. One guy over the minimum is even cooler.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

You are right, there were no walks but Cain did hit Reynolds - so that was the second over the minimum. What a game!

9:20 AM  

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