Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"He keeps hanging his slider"

That was Dback broadcaster Tom Candiotti's astute analysis of Todd Wellemeyer's three-homer outing tonight, which ended after five innings and a 5-1 deficit. Candiotti also noted that all five of Todd's walks occurred on pitches in which he missed with a breaking ball. Can't we just admit that Wellemeyer has no control and is no damn good? He's had eight starts so far and sucked in five of them. It's the usual inability of Brian Sabean to gauge talent -- and acknowledge that he's made a mistake -- that's dooming this team. Wellemeyer's been mostly lousy for more than a decade.

The final of 13-1 is a bit deceptive in that the Backs put up 6 in the bottom of the 8th off Brandon Medders. What isn't deceptive is that the Giants offense continues to be lousy with a grand total of four hits tonight -- two in the first when Rowand doubled and Sandoval singled.

Sabean has a bad habit of celebrating past performance. Wellemeyer used to be good but isn't anymore. Last year, he signed Bobby Howry -- who had a unique talent for falling apart when the game was on the line and giving up enough walk-off homers to cost the Giants enough games to keep them out of the playoffs. Sabean ignored Howry's crappiness because Howry had seen better days.

The Dbacks released Howry on Monday after enduring a month of crappy performance. Now, the Cubs -- a team that's often badly run -- are thinking of signing Howry. How about if the Giants release Wellemeyer, bring up Madison Bumgarner and let the Cubs sign Wellemeyer too?


Blogger Al said...

Howry gave up 3 walk off home runs for 3 losses. The Giants missed the wild card by 4 games. Overall, we got an average performance for someone picked up off the scrap heap, then was jettisoned after the season ended. I'd say we kept him around just long enough and ditched him at the right time.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

Thanks for your post, Al. I despised Howry, for what it's worth. It took Bochy until August to realize how terrible he was with the game on the line - which then allowed him to rack up decent stats in low-leverage situations. Good riddance.

2:45 PM  

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