Friday, May 07, 2010

The Grey Lady weighs in on the Orange and Black

The New York Times has a laudatory piece about Tim Lincecum but still can't resist indulging in big-time bashing Barry Bonds, three years after his retirement.

I realize that journalists feel that they have to generalize but this is a ridiculous statement that Tyler Kepner makes about Bonds -- Few have ever seemed so angry all the time. A few sentences later, he says this seemingly contradictory phrase -- Giants fans loved and defended him, but Bonds, to say the least, was a hard sell.

It's the word "angry" that's inaccurate here. I'm aware that Bonds would sometimes be sullen in interviews when silly questions got asked but I never heard him raise his voice. And there were many times I saw him smile during a game. Wouldn't a sharp editor have said something to the reporter, "Hey, maybe you should revise that sentence to say something like 'Few have seemed so uninterested in responding when being asked questions by reporters'?"

NOTE TO TYLER KEPNER -- It's not all about you. Who cares that you didn't like Bonds?


Blogger Scott said...

I think that the generalization of angry is wrong as well. I think that a lot of it was arrogance and entitlement.

I don't remember too much anger every coming from Bonds at all.

I have to say that I am tierd of the Giants still being in the Bonds shadow, does he have to come up in every national news story about the team even now that it is 3 years later?

Maybe that is what casual fans thing of when they hear about the Giants but I think that it is time to focus on people that are with the team now. We have some guys that are worth paying attention to even if you are on the east coast.

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