Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time to bring up Buster Posey

Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle says the time is now. He contends that plate discipline is a badly needed quality that Buster would supply and quotes Brad Penny, the winning pitcher in Sunday's 2-0 loss to the Cards -- "If you look at it," Penny said, "that was the difference in the game. Our guys were patient, ran Matt (Cain's) pitch count up ... (The Giants) were swinging at first and second pitches ... It helps me a lot."


Blogger Scott said...

I don't think that the time has come... yet.

Posey isn't hitting so well that he is forcing the Giants to make a move.

If he comes up he is a backup to both Huff and Molina and we have to depend on Bochey who has serious Savy Vet love to give him playing time.

Look what happened during his September call up last season, he got very few at bats and even fewer innings behind the plate. I would rather see him get consitant playing time in AAA.

Now if his Slugging percentage jumps over .500 give him the call and get him in the lineup, but not yet.

There is no need to rush him.

Here were my thoughts:

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