Friday, April 16, 2010

Paging Kevin Pucetas

I'm not a big fan of Vin Scully. He can't be bothered to learn how to pronounce the names of other players (he kept pronouncing Bowker as "boe-kir") and he makes mistakes galore. But he was astute to point out tonight -- with the score 7-0 Dodgers in the second -- that the Giants had made Todd Wellemeyer their fifth starter even though he had allowed the highest batting average of any NL starter last year (.328) and had an ERA of nearly 6.00.

Even though the Giants wound up scoring 8 runs tonight, five of them were in the 9th. The horrible pitching by Wellemeyer put the game out reach. The bottom line here is that Brian Sabean's trying to get a guy who can't pitch on the cheap. Why would you sign and start a guy who got creamed last year? Isn't there a better fifth starter available somewhere?

So far Madison Bumgarner's gotten hammered in his two starts in Frenso but Kevin Pucetas has been decent. His minor league stats are OK and it's hard to believe anyone could pitch worse than Wellemeyer.

At least the Giants didn't give our old pal Russ Ortiz another shot. He gave up all five runs in the ninth and got pulled after giving up a two-run homer to Eugenio Velez. Is it just me, or is Eugenio a pretty decent 9th inning guy?


Anonymous GrizzliesRich said...

I'm looking forward to watching Pucetas pitch this week. I'll give you an update. For what it's worth, Joe Martinez looked decent last night; at least after the first.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous GrizzliesRich said...

I had a great opportunity to watch Giant’s prospect Kevin Pucetas in action yesterday afternoon in Fresno. I’ve got friends with seats 8 rows behind the plate, and they gave me their tickets. So here is what I saw:

Pucetas is aggressive. He goes right after everyone. In six innings, he threw 88 pitches and 55 were strikes. I counted 15 first pitch strikes on 25 hitters. His velocity is only average. Occasionally he’ll hit 93 on the gun, but mostly he’s around 89-90. He works fast, which I like. I hate a guy who acts like he’s afraid to throw the ball. Pucetas tries to work inside. It seemed to me that he was up in the zone more than he’d like. I’d like to see more of a difference in speed between his fastball and off-speed stuff. The difference looks to be about 8-10 mph; not enough to really fool anybody. He’s a little slow to the plate. The opponents were running every chance they got. I’m not sure how much of that is due to Pucetas, and how much to Posey. Buster is not going to win any gold gloves behind the plate any time soon. His skills are still pretty raw. But back to Pucetas; he allowed six hits and three walks, striking out two. One earned run. That makes back-to-back decent outings, which is a relief after he finished last season poorly. I’ll be at Friday’s game to watch his next outing.

The guy who impressed me the most yesterday was Denny Bautista. He’s 27, so not much of a prospect. But what an arm. He hits 95-98 consistently, and it was hard for the Triple-A guys to catch up to it. His off-speed was about 82, and that made some hitters look foolish. It didn’t look like his pitches had much movement, so that may be why he gets hit at the Major League level.

Tonight I’ll take in another game, and try to get the first hand scoop on what’s going on with Madison Bumgarner. Look for info tomorrow at

10:23 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

Thanks so much for a terrific post, Rich. Your site is a wonderful resource for tracking the Grizzlies!

2:58 PM  
Anonymous GrizzliesRich said...

Thanks D. I appreciate your visits.

3:03 PM  

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