Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bitterness at the Ravine

The Giants have just lost their fourth game of the year, 2-1. Barry Zito pitched into the 8th, allowed a runner, and Sergio Romo came in to serve up a pinch homer to Manny.

The Giants only got 4 hits all day and looked very much like the terrible offensive team that they've been for the past two seasons. Still, they haven't been shut out all year so I'll withhold comment for now on Brian Sabean's incompetence in not acquiring a real bat. They are way ahead in terms of walks this year -- they got 5 today -- so perhaps replacing Carney Lansford with Hensley Meulens has been a help.

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles times notes that Zito was five outs away from what would have been his first shutout in 7 years. Tim Lincecum has three in his career. Zito has four.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well they were facing Clayton Kershaw who allowed the fewest hits per 9 innings last year so it's understandable that they didn't do much against him. However, they did have opportunities to get more support for Barry.

3:37 PM  

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