Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Thrill's back

Joan Ryan reports about inteviewing Will Clark and Barry Zito at the Fan Fest today at Inside the Giants Clubhouse. The Thrill admits that his hit in Game 5 of the NLCS in 1989 was his biggest thrill in that season: "Candlestick was roaring that day.''

Asked if it were true he could read lips, Clark laughed. "Back in '89 I did. I happened to read Greg Maddux's lips when he was talking to Don Zimmer. He said, 'Fastball in.' I thought, 'Oh, Jesus.' I went out there, dug my hole, looked for a fastball in on the first pitch and hit a grand slam. Fool that I was, I told my teammates, who told the media and now everyone's got their glove over their mouths.''

Zito -- whose biggest talent is knowing what to say to reporters -- said exactly the right thing about the Molina situation (given that Bengie's going to get to start most of the games):"I was playing catch when I heard he had signed and I sent him a text message telling him congratulations. It was s surprise because when I was talking to him at the end of the season, he was bummed out because it looked like he wasn't coming back. He's all heart and soul. He's great with the pitching staff, and it gives Buster another year to get his feet under him.''


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