Friday, February 05, 2010

"Not etched in stone"

That's how Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle describes the Giants' plans to send Buster Posey to start the season in Fresno. The quote's from Bruce Bochy. Posey's going to try to learn how to play infield, too.

Perhaps someone in the front office has realized that if the team doesn't put up a winning record, fewer fans are going to show up.

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury New has the same quote from Bochy, then adds this -- Bochy also said Bengie Molina was “overplayed” last year and his starts will be curtailed. So basically, the thought here is that Posey could learn on the job from Molina and start two games a week while bringing more offense than Eli Whiteside. Long term, Bochy said the organization still sees Posey as a catcher. But he’d be available for double-switches, etc., if he can play a few other positions. (I’d caution, though, that the smart money remains on Posey beginning the year at Fresno.)

So we'd rather have Eli Whiteside -- who's adequate at best on offense -- catch twice a week?


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