Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mike Lupica = dingbat

The disgraceful Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News is back on the Barry Bonds Hate Train, taking the opportunity to declare his disdain for two of the greatest players ever and portray them instead as the GREATEST CRIMINALS EVER. In a thoroughly ridiculous column, he says McGwire is as big a villain as Bonds. Fortunately, John Perricone at Only Baseball Matters fully explains what worthless self-righteous losers Lupica and his like (Tom Verducci, George Vecsey, Anne Killion) are --

Here’s an idea. Since you seem to think it’s completely acceptable to walk around all day telling everyone what they’re supposed to, let me tell you what to do:
Stick to writing about the game. Stop acting like your job is to break these athletes down, make them accountable, hold their feet to the fire, or whatever version of saving the children you happen to posturing about on any given day. You’re not David Halbestram, writing about Vietnam. You’re not
Woodward and Bernstein, breaking the Watergate scandal. You’re a sportswriter. If it wasn’t for your ridiculous, gas-bag television show, no one in the world would even know what you look like.
It’s the players that matter to fans. It’s the teams that we root for. Not the sportswriters. And, honestly, if you didn’t write about A-Rod’s girlfriend, or McGwire’s steroids supplier, we’d never notice. Really. We don’t care. You, and Tom Verducci and the rest of you Great Defenders think you are the story. You’re not. And, quite honestly, we’re all tired of hearing about it. Let it go. Your heroes let you down? Please. Get over it. Let it go.
Pete Rose. Jason Giambi. Marion Jones. A-Rod. Manny Ramirez. David Ortiz. Andy Pettitte. And you made damn sure that Mark McGwire knew he was never ever gonna get in the Hall of Fame if he didn’t apologize. On and on, you sat there, and called for their heads, like some King of all that’s Right. Except that the only way you show up like a King is when you’re being a royal pain in the ass. Not one time did any of these athletes satisfy your demands. Not one mea culpa was good enough. That’s the real story. Why did McGwire bother? We all have seen how you treated every other athlete who capitulated your demands. Why would anyone even consider coming clean, when this is what you get?
Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa are still in your sights. They haven’t asked for your forgiveness yet, have they? And given the shameless way you and the rest of you Great Defenders are acting, why would they ever even consider it? I sure as hell wouldn’t.
Shame on you. Shame on all of you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Big D. Here's something I wrote to the editors of my favorite "SF paper sport page" a while full..

What's "clear" to me is my favorite newspaper of all time is making me sick the past few years with it's totally cocky pessimistic outlook about anything and everything bad you can find to write about in sports. What is so gross about it is that it's all been circumstantial information with no proof about anything.

Hey, I read 2 lines of your article about "pine tar way back when" on 10/25, realized I didn't want to read that, or go there, so I glanced down your article and we're back to the uncreditable cream or clear.

Can't we just go back to enjoying the games, and then when a "Rose-ian" event happens with proof or something - write about it?

All the speculations, persecutions, accusations, scrutinizing, I'm really getting sick. Maybe I'm getting old. I'm from the Mays era where everything was just Say Hey good. Started reading the "sports page" following the Giants everyday since I was 7 in 1966. Alcoholism ( beer protein), legal coke, ephedra, probably speed back then in the 1920's too. So what. should we all just discredit ourselves and ruin the world and everything in it because we're not perfect? Because It's not all perfect?

I'm not ashamed to be a Giants fan. Not ashamed to love Barry - he's Giants Family.
Not ashamed to be a baseball fan. But you are losing me. Please return to the optimistic way of reporting I want to remember you as. Look at it as "responsibility" if you have to. "sports page"+Giants+Fans = Team. What's going on?

So, Big D, loved your comment and I also hope everyone can just get back to the game. It's been barbaric the past few years.

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