Friday, January 15, 2010

LaRoche: go to hell, San Francisco

In a seemingly confusing developement, Adam LaRoche has agreed to a one-year deal with the Dbacks for $4.5 million plus an option year at $8 million with a $1.5 million buyout, according to Steve Gilbert of -- though the report doesn't mention that the Giants offered a 2-year deal worth $17 million and got rejected a few weeks ago.

Lefty Malo thinks it's not about the money, though -- So unless LaRoche has in his employ the thickest agent in all of Baseball Land, I suspect other reasons. To wit: LaRoche didn't want to play in San Francisco. It's already happened this winter. Peter Gammons reported before the new year that Jason Bay unequivocally wouldn't come to S.F. Perhaps LaRoche hates S.F. for its weather, its location, its culture, its ballpark, whatever, so much that he was willing to risk losing a big chunk of change.
His ultimate landing in Arizona at the low guaranteed price around $5 million also shows that Brian Sabean either misjudged the market or knew he had to overspend to get his man. I can imagine Sabean making his first offer somewhere around $12 to $14 million, which is what LaRoche could end up making in Arizona if
his reported $7.5 million option kicks in. LaRoche said, ha, you have to pay me a lot more to get me to come to your left-handed power suck of a bayside fog machine. So Sabes went to his max, and when LaRoche said no again, the Giants leaked it to let everyone know what LaRoche could have made.
This is pure speculation on my part, but it makes more sense than a massive bungle by LaRoche's agent. Who gets the last laugh? He still has to play here nine times a year.

MY COMMENT -- This one is still a litle mind-boggling. To give up $5 million or just because you don't like the idea of playing in San Francisco is hard to believe. OK, the park takes away some power but the fans really do support the Giants and the team nearly made the postseason last year. For all my complaining about the front office, the team seems to treat its players pretty well.


Anonymous giantsrainman said...

However many fans do not treat free agents well when their numbers do not match their previous levels when they played in band boxes. Why come to SF to be booed because you are not Barry Bonds and rightfield makes you look to be not worth your contract?

5:39 PM  

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