Monday, December 28, 2009

The Orange and Black first base puzzle solved?

I've complained loudly about the lack of production from Giant first basemen going back all the way back to Will Clark's departure 16 years ago. Chris Haft at MLB.come notes that now, the Panda will play first base and hopefully hit like Stretch, the Baby Bull and The Thrill.

De Rosa did hit a career-high 23 HRs last year at age 34 after hitting 21 in 2008. It looks like he's learned how to hit for power as he's gotten older.

And I've got to say -- Sabean sure loves older guys, doesn't he? It's amazing to me that Sandoval got to play as a regular at age 21 but I guess they were desperate, what with the immortal Jose Castillo stinking up the joint. Jose hasn't gotten an MLB job since the end of 2008. The signing also points up the Giants' utter inability to develop decent position players other than the Panda....and hopefully, Buster Posey.

MC O'Connor at Raising Matt Cain calls DeRosa the MLB Swiss Army knife. But he's not impressed -- It would be nice if it were a younger player with upside, but that's not our way. At least, not with position players. I like our young pitchers and their upside, but this "one-Aaron-Rowand-at-a-time" philosophy of lineup construction is a teeth-gritting affair. Aaron Rowand's career line? Glad you asked: .280/.339/.448 for a .788 OPS and 102 OPS+. And now Mr. DeRosa's: .275/.343/.424 for a .767 OPS and 97 OPS+. Toss in FSanchez and that is the very definition of "league average." In fact, the NL last season had an average line of .259/.330/.409, only a .739 OPS, so we've got surplus of average we can spread around!

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports the Giants appear like to re-sign Juna Uribe and have had interest in Adrian Beltre but I'd be surprised if the Giants sign him. The club now has 3 guys who can play third -- Sandoval, DeRosa and Freddy Sanchez -- and a fourth if they sign Uribe.


Anonymous 22gigantes said...

I think the Giants would be wise to sign Uribe, especially with the injury history of players like Renteria, F.Sanchez, Burris and Frandsen. Check out this potential starting lineup:

1B - Sandoval

2B - F. Sanchez

3B - DeRosa

SS - Renteria

LF - Lewis

CF - Rowand

RF - Schierholtz

C - Posey

On the bench you have: Bowker, Velez, Uribe, Torres, Whiteside, Burris. Assign Frandsen and Ishikawa.

9:54 AM  

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