Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bonds -- No. 3 for the decade

Rob Neyer of ESPN rated the top 100 players and decided that Barry ranked third behind Albert Pujols and A-Rod. Bonds finished ahead of Jeter and Ichiro. Neyers' comment -- Yes, he ranks third despite not having played in 2008 or '09. Deal with it. (And if this helps, Bonds was, for five years, probably the most feared hitter in the history of the game.)

Neyer obviously placed a premium on years of service and durability -- despite the back to back Cy Youngs, Tim Lincecum didn't make the list. The Big Unit was at No. 18, Jeff Kent came in 33rd and Zito was 48th. Here's how Neyer defended that selection: Hey, it's not his fault the Giants thought he was worth $126 million. One big plus: Since coming up with the A's in 2000, Zito hasn't spent a single day on the disabled list.

Ray Durham wound up in 71st, Edgar Renteria was 74th and Randy Winn was 80th. And as best as I can tell, Mariano Rivera's the only closer on the list at No. 24.

UPDATE -- I screwed up and wrote K-Rod instead of A-Rod orginally, leading to Paulie's comment. K-Rod isn't on the list.


Blogger Paulie said...

Whoah, for a second I thought Bonds was ranked behind Francisco Rodriguez, meaning Neyer had really lost his mind.

12:39 PM  

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