Sunday, October 25, 2009

How the Yanks won (and why the Giants didn't)

David Pinto at Baseball Musings notes that the Yankees put 18 of their 35 batters on base tonight in their 5-2 win. They did it all with singles and walks -- no extra base hits -- plus some crappy fielding by the Angels.

So I looked up which team had the best OBP during the regular season. It was the Yanks by far at .362. Guess who was the worst -- by far -- of all 30 teams at .309, led by the immortal out-making icon named Bengie Molina at .285? I looked it up and saw that Bengie's career OBP is one point lower than the Giants was this year at .308. And it was the second lowest Molina OBP ever, below only the .274 figure in 2002, when he was an Angel.

What about runs, which are what really matter, anyhow? The Yankees were again the runaway leaders and the Giants were fourth from the bottom.

It's nothing short of disgraceful that the front office squandered a chance to go to the postseason when the Giants pitching was among the best in the MLB. Nothing says a front office doesn't know what it's doing like these offensive stats -- especially when it has dingbat "journalists" like the SF Chron's Bruce Jenkins getting on the Barry Bonds Hate Train (Worst. Teammate. Ever.) once more to obscure the fact that his buddy Brian Sabean is the worst GM in baseball.


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