Saturday, October 31, 2009

Adios, Noah Lowry?

Chris Haft of blogs that the Giants have declined to exercise the $6.25 million option for 2010. He says it's unclear whether Lowry will be back in the Orange and Black: Whether the Giants will bring back Lowry is debatable. Earlier this year Lapa claimed that the club "misdiagnosed" Lowry's forearm injury, which couldn't have helped the relationship between the sides. Then again, worse rifts have been mended.


Anonymous firebriansabean said...

People praise Lowry's changeup like they do Sanchez's fastball. It's just in my opinion that we haven't seen enough of Lowry to make him that important. Although Lowry started off 6-0 with the Giants, I don't know how much value he adds at $6.25 million.

I would take my chance with Bumgardner and Alderson (oops, he's gone) and let them prove themselves.

2:38 PM  

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