Saturday, September 12, 2009

18-2 the rest of the way

That's what it will take to get to the postseason after tonight's debacle. The Giant offense stayed offensive (a single and a double by Shierholtz, singles by Uribe and Molina and two walks by Winn) and the pitching was just plain awful in another 9-1 buttkick by the Blew Crew.

Now it's time for Brad Penny to get some revenge!

Henry Schulman of the SF Chron thinks it's over -- Will the last person exiting the ballpark leave the gate open for the crew coming in to stripe the grass for football? The 2009 Giants have been promising and frustrating. Now, it seems, they should be planning - for 2010.

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury-News thinks it's over and is shocked at how badly the vets are playing -- A few more nights like this and the Giants' labors in 2009 will be neither here nor there. A lineup of staid veterans provided a few shocking moments, none of them pleasant, as the Los Angeles Dodgers knocked out Jonathan Sanchez and put up their feet in a 9-1 victory at AT&T Park. It was shocking to see Aaron Rowand take a hanging curveball down the middle for a third strike. It was shocking to see Randy Winn get overpowered by 94 mph fastballs and Edgar Renteria founder twice to end potential rallies. And it's shocking that a major league club could be this bad, for so long, in the clutch. In two losses to their archrivals, the Giants are 0-for-9 with runners in scoring position. Over their past 31 games, they're hitting .185 in those situations.

John Perricone of Only Baseball Matters believes it's over: On June 1st, the Rockies were 20-30, and had been outscored by 20 runs. Since then, their record is 62-30, and they’ve outscored their opponents by 118 runs, a stretch of dominance that is matched by only one team, the best record in baseball –91-51– New York Yankees. And, without question, it is the Rockies who are the best team in the NL right now, and whether they catch the Dodgers or not, we’re not gonna catch either one of them, so it’s on to 2010.
Meanwhile, the lack of offense has another casualty, with Tim Lincecum’s bid for his second Cy Young Award now gone to the wayside. He’s had seven no decisions or losses in games in which he’s gone at least seven innings and given up 3 runs or less, which means that he has no chance of catching Wainwright or Carpenter, since neither one of them has lost in a month. All in all, a decidedly depressing finish to a decent enough run. A big bat would’ve certainly made things a lot more interesting, but more than likely would not have changed the final standings. Well, unless we would’ve had a full season of Adam Dunn, who now has 37 home runs and counting towards his sixth consecutive season of 40 home runs and 100 walks.

MY COMMENT -- It's really amazing that Dunn has racked up these stats...and that he's hit 40 HRs on the nose for four consecutive seasons. He's at 37 with three weeks left. WHAT KIND OF DINGBAT IS BRIAN SABEAN TO NOT HAVE EVEN MADE AN OFFER FOR THIS GUY?


Anonymous Santa Claustrophobia said...

'Adam Dunn strikes out too much!'

Or were you being rhetorical?

4:36 PM  
Blogger Big D said...

Santa, I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Dunn was available for somewhere around $10 million a year after a year when the Giants had the worst offense in the MLB. Sabean never even made an offer. That is incompetence of the highest order.

12:26 AM  

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