Monday, August 03, 2009

I blame Bochy again

Bruce Bochy must feel sorry for the Astros, what with his decision to leave an obviously tiring Matt Cain in the game to give up the winning run in the 8th for a disheartening 4-3 loss. Also, what kind of dingbat keeps batting Bengie Molina in the fourth slot?

This was clearly a winnable game. But with the season down to the final third, hasn't it occurred to Bochy that players are getting worn down? Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle puts it simply in the game story -- Molina's failures stand out because he is a cleanup hitter with a .268 on-base percentage for the season and one homer and eight RBIs since July 1.

You see, real leadership isn't always sticking with the same plan as Bochy seems to believe. Real leadership is having the guts to adjust to changing circumstance rather than making mealy-mouthed excuses like this one: Bruce Bochy acknowledged he and general manager Brian Sabean have discussed moving Molina out of the fourth spot until he rediscovers his stroke.
"Brian and I talked about the lineup today, different things we can do," Bochy said. "Sure, we discussed it quite a bit."

HEY IDIOTS -- Let me spell it out for you. Your clean-up hitter's biggest attribute is his alleged ability to drive in runs. He got 18 RBIs in April, 14 in May, 13 in June and 7 in July. Am I the only one who can spot a pattern here?


Blogger David said...

Damn I love this blog. You may not get the comments, but I'm sure you get the readers. Go Giants.

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