Saturday, August 08, 2009

Eugenio shows the way

It's amazing how Eugenio Velez has manged to keep raking during the past two weeks. He has hit in every game since coming back from Fresno and blasted a 410-foot homer to right field today -- putting the Orange and Black back into a tie in the 6th today. Kuiper and Flemming said on the air it was the key hit in today's 4-2 vic over the Reds.

Ray Ratto of the SF Chron wrote a long feature about Velez, noting that he even caught a difficult fly ball against Jonny Gomes in the 7th up against the left field fence when Bochy gambled on having Bobby Howry come in with the game on the line. "Howry's pitched OK but he has given up big homeruns," Kuiper noted.


Blogger allfrank said...

It just shows that there is a conspiracy, like the fraud about the US putting man on the moon. Everybody knows 160 pound Velez cannot hit a baseball over a 20 foot wall 410 feet away

4:58 PM  

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