Saturday, June 20, 2009

A three-homer night?

It's hard to believe but Fred Lewis, Travis Ishikawa and Bengie all went yard in tonight's 6-4 victory over Texas. (correction -- it was Rowand, not Bengie) I took a quick glance at the schedule and I'm pretty certain that their only other game this season with 3 homers was Opening Day, when Rowand, Winn and Bengie all homered.

AFter 66 games, they have 41 homers and are tied with the Angels for the lowest total in MLB. They are third lowest in runs with 265 after the Mariners and Padres, while the Rays lead the way with 388.

The 2008 Giants were the first team since the 1995 Phils to hit less than 100 homers. Thanks to the power surge tonight, they're on a pace to finish with about 100 this season.

Speaking of the Angels, they beat the Dodgers and are now 9-1 in interleague play. The Dodgers are still a sickening 20 games over .500.


Blogger Alan said...

correction: bengie did not homer. gomer homered instead.

1:13 PM  

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