Monday, May 04, 2009

A murky outlook for the Orange and Black

Ray Ratto of the SF Chron writes a pretty good column about whether the Giants are going to go get a bat this season to liven up the worst offense in the MLB. Problem is -- the declining attendance makes such a move less likely. Here's the key verbiage:

So far, the Giants have met every hope-tinged expectation and every worst-case scenario at the same time. After Saturday's feeble offensive effort, they rank second in runs allowed and rank last in runs scored. The starting pitching is among the game's best despite Cain's meh-level outing, though the bullpen ranks in the lower fifth, but the hitting ...
So the question needs to be asked - are the projected revenues sufficient to allow the Giants to be a player in the expected distressed hitter sales in June and July?
"I can't say yet," Neukom said. "Right now we're below flat (revenues based on last year's net) and further below 2007. We'd like to be in a position so that if the time came to do something, we'd have enough dry powder, but we're not at that stage quite yet."

I feel obliged to note that Ratto doesn't mention that there is a guy named Bonds who's eager to play and might solve the problem -- at a minimum of expense and a maximum of fan interest. It would simply take a gutsy ownership willing to tell Bud Selig to go to hell.


Blogger allfrank said...

As I said in March, why contemplate signing Manny for even $5 mil when you can get Barry, who is twice the hitter and never quit on his team, for next to nothing

12:52 PM  

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