Sunday, May 17, 2009

Matt Cain shows how it's done

A huge win for the Orange and Black as Matt Cain showed the way with six shutout innings and an RBI. "Studly" is how Raising (Matt) Cain, one of my fave blogs, puts it.

I heard Jeremy Affeldt give a nice interview to Joe Castelano on XM about his huge 8th inning strikout of Gary Sheffield on an inside fastball with two on and no one out. "If you miss, you want to miss inside," he said. "Bengie set up in the perfect location." Affeldt revealed that Sheff had taken him yard earlier in his career -- "That's probably why I'm not a starter anymore" -- and hit several line drives back through the box.

Hopefully, this is the kind of game that the pitching staff can deliver with some regularity after its meltdown in recent days.

I must also note that I was about to go crazy listening to Joe Morgan on ESPN go on and on about the import of leadership in the if Joe's tapped in towhat happens there. What a waste of time. Too bad the Fire Joe Morgan blog got retired. At any rate, David Wright then got thrown out trying to steal second and Joe actually had some insightful stuff to say, such as Wright have started his headfirst dive too soon. Jon Miller then noted that Wright is now 10 for 17 this year in steals, which is a pretty crappy percentge, and pointed out the idiocy of headfirst slides, noting out that Alex Cora had banged himself up at second doing just that earlier in the game -- so much so that Fernando Tatis had to play short for the first time in 11 years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought both ends of the leadership conversation was pretty stupid. I had heard Steve Philips bag on Beltran before. My thought was that if you didn't want a guy who could hit well from both sides of the plate there are 29 other teams that would take him in a heartbeat. Poor Jon Miller couldn't even talk about what was going on during the game. What terrible commentary.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

Thanks for an excellent comment, Anonymous. I agree that Beltran's a superb player and the "lack of leadership" allegation is pretty ridiculous.

2:18 PM  

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